From India to the USA: Where are Freelancers on Freelancer.com Based?

From India to the USA: Where are Freelancers on Freelancer.com Based?


Freelancer.com is a popular platform that connects businesses and individuals with freelancers across the globe. With over 50 million users, it's no surprise that Freelancer.com is home to freelancers from all over the world. In this article, we'll explore the geographical distribution of freelancers on Freelancer.com and provide insights into the top freelancer countries, skills by country, and freelancer demographics.

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i. Geographical Distribution of Freelancers on Freelancer.com: Top Freelancer Countries and Skills by Country

ii. Where are Freelancers on Freelancer.com Based? Understanding Freelancer Demographics

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i. Discover the top freelancer countries and skills by country on Freelancer.com. Explore the geographical distribution of freelancers and learn how freelancer demographics vary by country.

ii. Find out where Freelancers on Freelancer.com are based and learn about their demographics. Use this knowledge to make informed decisions when hiring freelancers.

Top Freelancer Countries

When it comes to the top freelancer countries on Freelancer.com, India is the clear leader. According to Freelancer.com's Q4 2021 Fast 50 report, India accounted for 27% of all new users on the platform. The United States comes in second place, accounting for 18% of new users. Other countries in the top ten include Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the Philippines.There are several factors that contribute to the high concentration of freelancers in these countries. One of the main factors is the cost of living. In countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, the cost of living is much lower compared to countries like the United States, Canada, and Australia. This means that freelancers in these countries can charge lower rates while still maintaining a decent standard of living.

Top Skills by Country

Freelancer.com also provides insights into the top skills by country on their platform. For example, in India, the top skills are web development, data entry, and content writing. In the United States, the top skills are graphic design, website design, and mobile app development.The skills of freelancers vary by country for several reasons. One reason is the level of education and training available in each country. For example, in countries like India, there are many institutions that offer training in IT and computer science.

Other top skills by country include

i. Pakistan: Microsoft Office, Data Entry, Academic Writing

ii. Bangladesh: Data Entry, Web Search, Lead Generation

iii. Philippines: Graphic Design, Website Design, Video Editing

iv. Australia: Article Writing, Editing, Proofreading

v. United Kingdom: Web Development, Graphic Design, PHP

vi. Canada: Data Entry, Graphic Design, Web Development

Understanding the top skills by country on Freelancer.com can be helpful for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to hire freelancers with specific skill sets. By knowing which countries excel in certain areas, you can make informed decisions about which freelancers to work with. It's worth noting that these rankings can change over time, as the demand for certain skills fluctuates and new technologies and industries emerge. As such, it's important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the freelancing industry to ensure that you're making the best decisions for your business.


In conclusion, Freelancer.com provides valuable insights into the location and skills of freelancers on their platform. As we've seen, there are some clear trends in terms of which countries are home to the highest numbers of freelancers and which skills are most in demand. Whether you're a freelancer looking to expand your client base or a business owner looking to hire skilled professionals for a project, understanding these trends can be extremely helpful. By knowing where the majority of freelancers in your desired skill set are located, you can make informed decisions about who to work with and what to expect in terms of rates and availability. At the same time, it's important to remember that the world of freelancing is constantly evolving. New technologies, industries, and trends are emerging all the time, which means that the skills and locations of freelancers on Freelancer.com may change over time.